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Hinchliffe was acquired by Hinds FiguresLtd in March 2008 and communications via this website will be directed to that company.
All the existing 25mm Hincliffe ranges of figures are available.
A painting service is available for any Hinchliffe figures purchased - details on request . Initially this painted option will be to order; we will be painting a stock of the more popular ranges to enable painted orders to be filled without delay.

Click here to view our latest List of Wargames Figures for Sale section.*
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and simply e-mail your order enquiry to us at enquiries@hinchliffe.co.uk.

Because Hinchliffe is part of Hinds Figures Ltd secondhand wargames company, there may be the option to exchange existing painted figures you have for new Hinchliffe figures.
Please contact us to discuss this option.
The addition of battalion, squadron and battery unit packs deals.

New ranges in 10mm ACW, Medieval and Napoleonic

New range of 25mm Marlburians and new designs of infantry in the Super Gun style of figure.

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We offer a comprehensive range of painting and basing services:
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